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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>but the party began or the biggest music festivals of the year if not the biggest is here in the bay area and it's underway. thanks for joining us at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore outside lands just wrapped up its first day but this year's event started with several changes, including. >>an increased focus on security kron four's dan thorn live for us tonight at golden gate park and he joins us with more from the festival dan. >>well that's right and just a huge crowd here tonight and lots of fun to be had at this year's outside lands festival. we got a look at what people can enjoy inside. but with this event happening in the wake of some recent mass shootings security has been top of mind. >>golden gate park becomes a sea of people for the 12th annual outside lands festival.
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friday marked the beginning of the three-day event featuring live music comedy and for the first time an area for legal weed. the last bit makes for pretty good business and the grassland section of the festival and rain. for some festival goers recent mass shootings forced the thought of safety across their 150 1% of my friends and i. >>on the way and we talked about like he revealed to be big open white meat however sabrina elias off says she was happy to see beefed up security at the festival gates and within the festival grounds others say they won't let shootings keep them from having fun at concerts.
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>>elias office hoping maybe congress could help ease the anxiety. >>well it was definitely a lot of police here tonight a lot of security when you're heading into the gates enjoy the shows that were going on here. this event wraps up on sunday and if you want some more information about some of the things that you can enjoy such as activities and some of the live musicians that will be here. you can visit the outside lands official website, reporting live in san francisco. n kron 4 news dan thank you by the way bart will be running longer and more trains as we can for those traveling to outside lands and other events in the city bart says will still run on a sunday schedule bought. >>after 07:00pm it will add additional event trains for people leaving outside lands. festival goers should get off at the civic center station intake communities and july
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nor 5 are rapid bus line. says both lines will also have additional service after this weekend expect several weekends, a bar delays with that shutting down some tracks for repair work. >>happening now a standoff has just ended in the san jose after nearly 10 hours. police responded initially to a call around 11 this morning about a man entering a home on king road near east san antonio street, the homeowners left the house and called police. investigators say one of the men was armed with a knife. one of the 2 suspects this came out around 4.30 the suspect with a knife surrendered about 15 minutes ago police say he was taken to a hospital and treated for self-inflicted injuries. the san jose bomb squad is looking into a suspicious device that was found at the wal-mart in milpitas that store was evacuated as a precaution. no word yet on what the devices are was in where they've been located authorities are telling people to avoid the
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area, we'll continue to keep an eye on this story and bring you updates throughout the night. >>a home has been damaged and several roads are closed salmon tale because of a fire firefighters say the fire was reported just before 7 o'clock tonight at a home on east 5th avenue near south alvarado street roads are currently closed from south alvarado street to fremont street and on fremont from 5th avenue to 7th avenue. investigators say the fire started in the garage and spread into the living space 2 families lived in the home, everyone got out safely the cause of the fire is under investigation and take a look at this. this car fire closed some roads on main street between communal reale and civic center drive in santa clara for about an hour this evening. the fire has since been put out and the road is now back open. >>a father and son were pulled to safety from a cliff along the san francisco waterfront it happened. well on that hill that leads from aquatic park up to the upper formation lawn just before 6. this year is
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the dad added to an ambulance. we're told the to the father and son were riding bikes when there's little boy fell over a cement barrier that a couple feet high in the boy went down the cliff. boy sustained injuries police tell us the father then climbed down to help his son but both got stuck on that cliff, san francisco, firefighters arrived on scene used a rope to pull them both to safety. they were then taken by boat we're told both of them were checked out the expected to be okay. >>a fast moving grass fire is now fully contained tonight in the east bay, the fire scorched some 250 acres in came dangerously close to homes kron four's gayle ong live in dublin tonight. >>with the latest scale. >>grant and can the fire started quickly, but it was . b you see right behind me thankfully, the winds we're blowing away from them.
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>>the house on fire. and they decide to a small. >>megan creole and called 911 immediately her husband michael blonsky captured this fast-moving blaze from their home to view from their front porch for this is a really close to your home you can the charred hills. >>yes and before was churchill's there were flames there in there was a ton of smoke the fire broke out before to friday afternoon near camino loop in dublin at first 5 acres but the winds wreaked havoc the fire ultimately scorching 248 acres threatening at least 2 structures we had winds blowing from the west and so there is immediate threat. the blaze prompting a full while in response from the air and the ground he signed a whole first alarm structure protection you had 5 engines. just for structure protection with the chief officer and i
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wait no songs and staying on top of those homes, protecting them. >>areas like this surrounded by ranch land sorry major concern with the winds fire season. the educations all dry. >>for pre olu it was a wake-up call to be prepared and fire move so very quickly so. >>i packed up so many belongings as fast as they could the car still full of have to unpack. >>but yeah i was very scary and i don't ever experience that again. firefighters say as we head into the peak of fire season of fires like this is a reminder. >>to be prepared and have an escape route. also there were no injuries and none of the structures were damaged the cause is under investigation live in dublin gayle ong kron 4 news ailes thank you crews are still working to put out that 17 acre fire burning in lake county calif iyer says the gulf fire is now 75% contained. >>the fire broke out yesterday
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afternoon on sort of a road in golf drive in a very heavily wooded area at the bottom of mount cannot tie. we're told 40 structures were threatened, but the good news is none of them was damaged the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>as we turn our attention now to the 4 zone forecast taking a live look outside on this friday night. we see the bay bridge all lit up the embarcadero in the foreground in san francisco and it's friday night and it's weekend lawrence. yes, so we like to have a really nice weekend. i think we're all going enjoy it. but yet fire danger certainly a concern and you get those fires burning in around the bay area and we're going to see more of those winds. >>throughout the weekend. that's been the problem with would begin these fires going in the afternoon hours and those winds have been really picking up now looking civility see these winds has kind of dying down right now so the fire. the cuts a little break there hopefully they can get a complete control on that very shortly and of course that brush fire. the stable of these fires move so fast you could j jhit tell the hills are so brown. any of those winds
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blowing their 20 mis per hour in the afternoon and that will send that fire along pretty well, good news was it much of a unincorporated area right there. the reserves or the preserved so that kept it away from most of those homes as those winds are blowing out of the west. but we're not done there just yet in fact we've got some lightning showing parts of california right now just got a clip parts of northern sonoma county as a begin to move on shore we've been tracking this one all week long usual to see a storm like this at this time of year but look at lightning strikes a pretty active over the last few hours beginning to die out just a little bit now that certainly dozens upon dozens lightning strikes moving on shore. it will strike coming down on the dry ground can certainly start some fires around the rest the bay area we are looking dry right now there's a chance we could see some showers overnight tonight will be very light. but pretty interesting that we're seeing some of that right now that continues idea will it's near fort bragg develop we're seeing some of the rain coming down in around those areas so very unusual to get some rain at this time of
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year, but we continue to see throughout the night tonight and early tomorrow morning. the winds are beginning to calm down of some blustery winds this afternoon over 20 miles per hour. but those winds backing off just a little bit around the bay area rainfall not going to be a time with this kind of system that you don't expect much in fact last time it rained in the north bay at this time of year was back in 2010 so it's been a while so we do see any maybe just a few hundreds of an inch of rain in the overnight hours and tomorrow morning. then it kind of fades away and leaves a pretty nice day of it beautiful out there right now we're looking back over the bay toward alcatraz looks like there's a car parked out there are now contrast. but there's just some lights underneath there and also behind that you can see san francisco and that low level fog out there right no and so certainly that fog is going to be around early tomorrow morning. but that should begin to break up, leaving behind some sunshine and some pretty nice weather overnight tonight though we'll see the clouds on the increase slight chance of showers throughout the night tonight into early early tomorrow morning. and then a return to
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some more sunshine as we get to sunday. i think we'll see a summer make a big return on sunday, but tonight chance we could hear the pitter patter of some raindrops something that you don't hear very often that's about all is going to be drop. all right, thanks a >>fire crews remain on the scene of a massive fire that burned through part of an artist's warehouse in oakland fire started early this morning on east 11th street and 23th avenue in the city's for vale district. nobody was hurt fortunately, but as kron four's justine waltman explains now the smoke and flames brought up dreadful memories of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland artists warehouse went up in flames early on friday morning. people in oakland could see and smell the smoke. the building is a community arts collective known as moxie which hosts medal and woodworking shops all that material made the fight more difficult. >>we made a good stop an aggressive stopped to not lose the whole business and put a whole lot of people out of work. >>well the firing similar to
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the ghost ship fire from december 2016 where died. >>there are no injuries in the moxie fire and this is not a place where. >>terrible we don't have that many places i mean after the ghost ship. and all of the trouble even having to find places where he can. be creative have a place where we have 24 acts as we can do our work. keep our stuff there and 1ust be creative in the city for like a reasonable amount of money one of the last places in the city. >>37 businesses inside. 10 were impacted by the fire. but it looksksfiike all the fires mostly in the offices. yeah, a lot of the artists faces. by the fire hopefully. >>the cause is under investigation. it doesn't appear to have by any any reason for criminal investigation. it appears that
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it's accidental in nature. >>there's now fencing up protectt g the entire building and because smoke is still rising. fire crews are going to stay here throughout the night. you know what i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>tracking on kron 4 chilling confession tonight from the man accused in the el paso shooting massacre. an arrest affidavit shows and patrick true she is told police he was specifically targeting mexicans when he opened fire at that wal-mart. bush is also admitted to using in a cave 47 to shoot a number of victims manager of that l-mart says he sapew thct firing of victims in the parking lot and he says the shooting appeared deliberate. >>when i saw him he seemed like he was he. he knew what he was shooting he was very defined he looked very fun, focused. you know i an and precision on what he was you nknow it when he was aiming for i mean it wasn't just a a spray of gunfire. these were direct.
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>>shots. >>the manager says he helped hundreds of people out back entrance is he says he's now focused on helping his staff cope with the trauma of that attack. >>and we're also learning more about why the suspect carried out that attack in el paso sources saying the suspect thought it would be wrong too carry out the attack in his hometown. chris this is from allen texas at a dallas suburb out 650 miles from el paso. the suspect reportedly told officers. he thought his family would not find out if he carried out such an attack if he did it in a different city. christians faces capital murder charges for the deaths of 22 people. prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty. and have a look at this cal fire tweeting out these images from tonight's san jose giants game. first responders were honored for their response to the garlic festival shooting in gilroy couple weekends ago. president
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trump says he intend to take meaningful action on. >>on a gun sales, it comes in the wake of recent mass shootings that claimed dozens of lives but is pamela brown tells us the president's made the same promise before. >>president trump claiming he will do something on gun control. >>i think we can get something real. meaningful background checks. >>but it's not clear what. >>i think that. it's going to be great and leave the charts. >>the president says he has a commitment to take up background checks from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who has been under pressure from democrats to bring the senate back from its 5 week recess and even facing protesters at his kentucky
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home he's totally on board. >>but mcconnell spokesman today saying the senate leader hasn't endorsed anything adding the senate won't come back early and say mcconnell has roonly promised to let the senate discuss background check and red flag warning legislation when it returns. >>as we see what we can come together on. >>the president also talking with the national rifle association's wayn la pierre tweeting today that they're very strong views can be fully represented and respected i have a great relationship with the nra. >>they're really good people. 6 la pierre warning lawmakers the nra opposes any legislation that unfairly infringes upon the rights of law abiding citizens in while some analysts believe a bruising leadership battle inside the inner a weekend its influence in washington. trump says he'll take their calls
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and once their support in 2020. >>after la pierre warned trump earlier this week, his base wouldn't like background checks. the president today said this about hi supporters. >>i think they realize very much john. >>that was pamela brown reporting the president and also said he would take action on gun control in the wake of the school shooting in mass school shooting massacre in parkland florida that was last year. many times after these kinds of shootings people come forward and say they had known as shooter was making thrhrts. but they didn't say anything regrets in the bay area concord man is charged with threatening the jewish community with mass murder, but he is out. >>now his trial is pending.
10:18 pm
inon four's dan kerman explains how the case has the jewish community on edge. >>have to stay on our guard. >>concerns among the bay area's jewish community were in place long before synagogue shootings near san diego and pittsburgh. but they've now been heightened with the most recent round of mass shootings given the stain age in this age of increasing violent anti semitism in white supremacy. > aat there is a lot of concern out there and for many in the bay area jewish community. this man 23 year-old ross farka is making matters worse. in june the concord man was arrested and charged with making criminal threats against the jewish community in an online gaming chat room. he's also charged with having and unlawful assault weapon which police say was found in his home along with not see literature. we take his potential threat seriously. we take him at his word. >>that he hated jews and that that he wanted to mow down jews by the score and scores
10:19 pm
and then target law enforcement in the same act raising the alert level even more is the fact that farka has been back on the street. >>since mid-june there's someone who. >>expresseseinan interest in conducting attacks. he was released on bail in spite of that jewish groups are keeping in touch with the fbi and concord police about the case but some question whether there needs to be a new law to deal with domestic terrorists. >>it might be helpful look at where there are laws in place that prevent people from supporting terrorist group abroad and look at how people who are supporting violence within the united states can be stopped and held to account by the same or similar laws. >>farkas attorney says his client is severely autistic and understand the ramifications of his statements. he says he's not a threat to anyone, it was simply trying to troll others in his online gaming community. farka is due back in court at the end of september. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>>the white house apparently wants more ice workplace raids like the one that happened this week in mississippi, you're looking at that video. it's from wednesday. that's when ice said agents arrested some 680 documented immigrants said meat processing plants in 6 mississippi cities. shortly after that operation a senior immigration official claims the white house directed ice to conduct more workplace. enforcement operations this year. the source says ice field offices around the country have been told to identify least 2 locations as potential targets. the trump administration has faced strong backlash and criticism for these raids. today president trump defended the move as a quote very good to tear it to people coming into the us illegally. >>happening tomorrow, hundreds from alcatraz island to escape from the rocks this is video from last year's event. the annual do was lawn and swim events begins on the island at 11:00am did i say that right
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that myself participants will swim wear and a half miles to the shore at aquatic park after that those participating in what we'll call the event will run 7 miles to fort point passing through some of the city's most scenic locations call not quite a triathlon. >>another controversial move by the trump administration tonight, why a cancer warning will not appear on a popular product despite powerful evidence that it could cause cancer plus a hero honored head at 1045 or take you to a birthday party that honors as bay area veterans service to his country and the community plus his secret to live as long as he did 103 and he's still alive and us court blocks the fcc's roll oututof the 5 g networks. the red tape that the judges say the commissi the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this?
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rollout of a faster sale network is currently on hold a us court found today federal communications commissioner's tried to expedite the rollout of 5 g wireless technology by cutting red tape that includes trying to exempt 5 g cell sites from several environmental impact an historic preservation reviews. a 3 judge panel ruled against one of the regulators key claim said 5 g is so important cell sites using the technology can bypass environmental and historical preservation reviews in the ruling the judges said such reviews are meant to quote assess the effects of new construction on among other things sites of religious and cultural importance to federally recognized indian tribes, toy giant mattel is launching a whistleblower investigation. the company says it got an anonymous whistleblower letter today, but it didn't specify what. >>was discussed in that letter mattel's shares plunged more than 10% after that news. a search intensifies. search
10:26 pm
intensifies in tennessee for an escaped inmate, this man here suspected of killing a prison employee a woman. >>the latest on the manhunt and new tonight we hear from that employees daughters. >>but first a community in crisis we take a look at how the increasing number of of older people living on the streets is adding to the already serious problem in the bay area. and we're getting ready for this weekend but we're going to get you ready for the following weekend to we've got yo at pier 1, the color is calm eucalyptus.
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>>the community in crisis says the number bay area homeless continues to skyrocket we're also seeing a jump in the number of older people living on the street. this is new experts say the aging population is going to make tackling the homeless crisis even more challenging kron four's maureen kelly takes an in-depth look at that problem. >>61 year-old melvin priestly panhandle while holding a cardboard sign asking pass advised to smile and have a
10:30 pm
nice day. but he himself has little to make him smile these days. >>how long have you been on the street. >>for many years when you need >>the san francisco native says he spends his nights in a tent in the tenderloin and keeps his meager possessions strapped to his wheelchair. since he's chased away every morning. this is the second time he's been homeless. he says he's been down on his luck since being disabled in an accident several years ago i would bailey those about could this time around he says it's hard sleeping on the street at this age >>and the 2 of >>recently as part of a growing demographic living on the street according to the ucsf benioff homeless and housing initiative. their study shows that in 1990 only 11% of homeless in san francisco were aged 50 and older. by 2003 that number swelled to 37%. now in this county homeless families and the young may estimate that 50% of the remaining homeless population here is 50 plus at
10:31 pm
the largest increases are people over 65 that number is expected to triple by the year 2030 and will 50 might not seem old enough to qualify someone as a senior citizen. >>the director of the ucsf homeless initiative says physically living on the street. his heart on the human body and homelessness 50 is the new 75. >>they even though many of the people are in their early to mid 50's in terms of the problems that we usually think of is not happening into people who are older having mobility challenges having cognitive or memory challenges, having difficulty getting up getting down getting dressed those types of things are really happening much earlier. >>this aging population will likely make tackling the homeless crisis even more challenging and more expensive because of the services they need what we found is that even though the population is in their 50's and 60's right now predominantly, a huge percentage of them are
10:32 pm
extremely high risk for requiring nursing home care that you believe it was this is place of the late amy for melvin he's working with the homeless outreach team trying to get into a navigation center. but hopefully soon because he doesn't want to still be outside for another rainy winter at his age. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>2.19 year-old women are in custody tonight accused of stabbing a man several times police say they got a call about 9 30 wednesday night from the 50 year-old man in antioch he told 911 2 women stabbed him in his apartment and took his car and his belongings right now the victim is in critical condition. police in elk just south of sacramento found the suspects yesterday morning. one of the women is from martinez the other is from sacramento. >>the use of force investigation is underway after a san francisco police officer shot and injured a dog it happened about one this afternoon at the city's civic
10:33 pm
center bart station bart officials say the officer was on one of the station's stairwells when the dog lunged at the officer and an aggressive manner. the animal has been taken to a veterinarian for treatment. bart officials say investigators are reviewing surveillance video to try to find out exactly what happened. the epa says it will not require companies to add labels to products warning people about the chemical glyphosate the chemical is marketed as a weed killer by monsanto. under the brand roundup, california requires warning labels on glyphosate because said the international agency for research on cancer has said it is quote probably carcinogenic the epa disagrees saying its own research shows a chemical poses no risks to public health monsanto has sued to block california is warning label requirements. >>whether time chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here he was saddened is not to be able to see little wayne tonight outside lands. i was
10:34 pm
here little mona lisa, you know maybe mirror or something like that. but nothing that's where you know we got to be cut the cost all weekend long so if you want to get out there and enjoy certbinly could go to it will be a little bit cool plan on some clouds out there you can expect that and you're going to see those clouds rolling through tonight. it's tomorrow morning, maybe even a light shower to get there early tomorrow, there's a chance you could see some sprinkles early in the day, but in the afternoon we start to clear out skies and looking very nice temperatures in the 60's. outside right now we've got a lot of clouds moving in overhead and some patchy dense fog down below doppler picking up some moisture out there as well we've had some lightning strikes in northern california most the bay area dry right now but again the system coming on shore bringing at least a chance few scattered showers. here's your long range forecast in this system kind of broken but pretty impressive for this time of year is going to come rolling on in and there you go he might tomorrow morning still holding together not that we've got a chance a couple of scattered light showers are going to be a few hundreds if we see it, but then it passes on through we get ready for
10:35 pm
sunday high pressure returns big time and the temperatures going to soar sunday into monday and probably tuesday to we're back in the 90's in the hot spots in the late in the week look at that astorm system gulf of alaska not to bring us any rain but i'm sure in some cooler temperatures toward the end of the week, here's your 1010 for you we're expecting now a nice day tomorrow, a slight chance of some showers a late tonight early tomorrow morning and that will give way to some sunshine in the afternoon much warmer by sunday and into monday as those temperatures soar into the mid 90's, the hot spots inland by monday. that will cool down as that system drops back into britain, partly cloudy skies on thursday and friday next weekend a little bit cooler than normal. they aren't we have a developing story from tennessee. the search is on for the escaped inmate suspected of killing a prison employee. >>it's now stretched into day 3 and the victim's daughter is opening up tonight. reid binion has that story. >>hundreds of tips, a 0 credible leads. >>at this time there have been
10:36 pm
mr. watson. >>the day's long search continues for curtis watson, the escaped inmate wanted for the suspected murder of a prison administrator inside her home. >>no words can describe and what he has taken from our family. no words can describe what he did to my mother. >>the daughter of deborah johnson still in shock. >>i just did not want to believe that it was hard even even now it's still hard to believe that it's hard. >>a timeline detail by tennessee authorities reveals watson was released for work detail at 7 wednesday morning court documents list him as a trustee for the prison with access to a golf cart and tractor for his daily mowing duties. authorities said watson's golf cart was spot watson was missing until 1130 j coworkers discovered her body inside her home after she didn't show up for work. investigators said she had
10:37 pm
been strangled. investigators shared watson's mug shot they say he's extremely dangerous and could be anywhere by now they're urging residents to stay on the lookout reid binion kron 4 news. >>and this video is making the rounds pretty alarming it shows the arrest of a man who was armed right outside a walmart in missouri 20 years old this young man caused the panic inside this springfield. walmart when he walked in carrying a rifle that looked like ar 15 police say he was armed with quote, tactical weapons and had more than a 100 rounds of ammo and armed off-duty firefighter, detained the man until police were able charged with making terrorist threats. a big story ootball se and signed quarterback colin kaepernick is back in the conversation. >>the former 49 er released video earlier this week saying 05:00am 5 days a week for 3 years still ready kaepernick
10:38 pm
has been an sign says 2016 after he started a wave of protests during the national anthem. today reporters asked president trump is kapnick should get the opportunity to play in the nfl. >>only if he's good enough. not sure why why would he play be good enough. and i think if he was good enough. i know the owners i know bob grass, i know so many of the owners. good enough that scientists. frankly i'd love to see cafferty >>as of right now it's not clear if any teams are interested or looking into kpernick the father of the young man shot and killed by a police officer is now calling on prosecutors. >>to reopen his son's case today. marks the 50 years since the death of michael brown in ferguson missouri, the 18 year-old was unarmed when a police officer shot and
10:39 pm
killed him in 2014 a grand jury decided not to indict the officer involved brown's father is alleging a cover up. we want to live those on the force. >>the evidence does not match up. >>the new prosecutor in st. louis county says his team is checking the evidence and the paperwork in this case to see if the case can be reopened he released a statement saying quote our office is doing everything we can to understand the underlying issues that contributed to the tragic death of michael brown were working every day with the community and law enforcement to implement policies and reforms that meaningfully address those issues and help this community and this region heal. >>this is a pretty remarkable story here these 4 women they're all sisters and this is the first time they've been together in decades because they were all given up for adoption separately. >>pretty special they grew up not knowing about each other
10:40 pm
as vince care cell reports now an online dna test led to this reunion. >>we keep pension each other can you believe the ladies in this court allies shoes are brand new sister act when you see that they look like you there's no denying their your sisters though they've been around for decades all can always wonder why we're all here they're amazed by their many similarities. >>we both have school oil says we both had both of her knees replaced and we have identical bunyan's you seep each was put up for adoption at birth never knowing the others existed. this my first time i'm eating my sister seen in 70 years. it shows close matches and online dna test brought them together in just the past few and. >>and though jennifer thompson tick from nearby saint john jodi rubble castle from tampa florida. tammy harris from scottsdale arizona and fran whitman from cedar bluff, alabama have a lot in common. look closely and you'll notice, a big difference. it's
10:41 pm
their ages. jennifer is 53. joni is 55. >>tammy is 69 and fran is 70 their birth parents apparently never married and had an on again off again relationship that lasted for years. >>joseph bourbon and helen was bikie may have had as many as 8 children together each given up for adoption. i get a call from jody inch eagles. >>i'm sister don't hang up. >>the women have identified another sister sandra who died in texas 30 years ago and a brother craig tubes act now 63 and living in hawaii. he says. >>it's good thing i moved out of a highland indiana when i was 17 i could have been date one of my sisters, >>they were all born in northwest, indiana most growing up just a few miles apart joni and jennifer even went to the same beauty school. we remember the same professors learning they were polish should visit to perot be fest was a must. >>we have our sister bracelets they read a sister is god's way of making sure we never
10:42 pm
walk alone. >>jennifer who recently lost a son is finding that out. >>i don't have time to crack but i so just pick up the pieces. >>a sentiment that now runs in the family. last not alone in life anymore. >>allow them great the attitude about the whole thing has been scaring nurse only reporting the sisters are now searching for the rest of their family. yeah, they're pretty funny said they say they hope the dna tests will be able to bring them into contact with their other 2 siblings. >>the marine corps veteran turns 103 how his community honor him today for his service not only to our country but also to the bay area and hes force raiders receiver antonio brown says he's willing to walk away from the game over. >>one equipment issue markle >>one equipment issue markle e it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls.
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10:46 pm
police to evacuate that building and called in the bomb squad earlier tonight to investigate a suspicious package. police say the bomb squad has determined the package is safe they think it contains fireworks. >>you like this story, this is a good guy a big milestone tonight, a world war 2 veteran and retired san francisco firefighter is a 103 years old guys an inspiration, his friends and family came together today in redwood city to celebrate then why not kron 4 sleet always there and asked that veteran about his secret to his long life. >>victor's effort he may be a 103 years old now. but don't teout in the gym and never back down from an arm wrestling challenge from one of his great nephew to tell you sabatini was born in fresno back in 1916 and then eventually moved to san francisco where he joined the us marine corps and served overseas in world war 2 during
10:47 pm
his seven-year career everything in my life when pervert couldn't have been in a better. >>is there. >>he returned to the bay area after the war. >>15 he spent 27 years as a firefighter for the san francisco fire department he lives in redwood city now and on friday during his birthday party at the brookdale senior living community. redwood city presented a veteran with a certificate of recognition for his service and longevity. so did his old fire department and so >>stand in service to the firefighters. sister from. >>we lived through the depression, they lived through war. they stepped up to make this country great and i didn't take it anything in for granted about it, i mean they just did it because that's
10:48 pm
what they needed to do to make this country great i never smoked in my life. a clean life refer back to. >>never did a thing manner my life. that's about all i can serve our i enjoy everything i do he has certainly earned it. >>in redwood city fleet at all kron 4 news. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>time for sports now and the big superstar receiver for the raiders his talent is undeniable but the raiders always knew they were rolling the dice with him off the field, but no one could have thought this would happen if doesn't like his hat. >>yeah, he doesn't like it had the pre season begins in less than 24 hours here and we're talking about antonio brown
10:49 pm
being absent from training camp or seen up the cryotherapy chamber mishap well we are way past that right now now trading for antonio brown was the major offseason headline for the raiders there's a chance fans. >>will be able to see him play not only silver and black, but in any uniform at all the superstar is willing to quit the game over any equipment issue it seems frostbitten feet are the only reason the superstar receiver hasn't been a camp, according to multiple reports. he has informed of the raiders there's a chance he'll never play football again because of a dispute over the helmet he wears the helmet he's been using were his 10 year career is being phased out by the national football league because it doesn't mean safety standards there's a newer option available now ever brown doesn't want to use it claims it affects his vision while play. he has since filed a grievance with the league talked with an arbitrator today to make a case to keep the helmet he's been using a decision from the league is expected next week. if his case is denied. we'll see if he indeed chooses to retire,
10:50 pm
the raiders host the rams tomorrow night at the coliseum will talk 49 ers football in a bit, but first our other top story. the giants made strong push to sign bryce harper this offseason in tonight. he showed what could have been at oracle park giants phillies tyler bt on the mound tonight for the orange and black to for the 5th fails leading for 3. here goes harper. should to deep center field. just watch it in a land, halfway up the bleachers phillies taking too leave. giants down 5, 3 stephen vogt shows off his powers. crushes this one right into mccovey cove to run splash hit for vote. errigo giants would take a 65 lead. but in the top of the 7th 2 on. for seconds to all of this one up call to the water par for his second homer of the night. 22th on the year 9, 6, phillies are final giants are 4 back of a wild card spot
10:51 pm
back at it again tomorrow afternoon. the a's in white sox in chicago bottom of the 6 days up 2 nothing like fires like 3 strikes out james mccann what outing for fires a punch outs through 7 shutout frames top of tre 8th a's still with a 2 run lead chad pender and deep left center. oakland goes on to win 7 is game 2. tomorrow. now back to football, 49 ers hosting the cowboys now it's been established to jimmy garoppolo will not be playing tomorrow night in either will nick bosa the rookie defensive end will be how was a high ankle sprain suffered earlier this week. they're his short career in the league. he's already missed time because of injury which was also the case in his final year at ohio state. he chose to sit out the season due to an abdominal tissue. kyle shanahan on both his college history and if injuries we'll continue to be a running problems throughout his career. and they played even in the mountains until the year and now we have a guy
10:52 pm
come in and someone landed on the slate and. >>that doesn't make me say someone's injury-prone goes one serious injury in college and he tore his acl sometime in high school like 60% of the players out there. >>again 40 niners cowboys
10:53 pm
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>>and it's time for the weekend in time for for fun, things, hey there lot of things going on around the bay area already talked about outside lands. but how about this you want to enjoy a little taste of hawaii in the bay area, the law festival taking place in samut hail both saturday and sunday starting at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning will partly cloudy on saturday temperatures still going to be comfortable in the low 70's by the afternoon but mostly sunny and warmer on sunday, looking like a beautiful day to get out there. well the presidio kite festival that is going to be a beautiful sight to see if you're headed out that way you'll see a few clouds but the good news is the winds are going to be picking up into the afternoon and the
10:56 pm
temperatures stay fairly cool low 60's there by the afternoon a perfectly breezy in the latter part of the day that is going to let a lot of those kites fly and i understand they're going to the big cuts out there as well. well how about some dancing you want to go see that that's at the salsa festival in berkeley that starting at 10 o'clock in the morning. it will be a little bit cloudy early on in the morning, some mild temperatures in the afternoon. and a gentle breeze late in the day. if you like some nice culture. the japanese summer festival taking place in concord i understand some great food, some chicken teriyaki on and some partly cloudy skies on saturday going to get a little warm in fact on sunday problems temperatures popping up into the 90's but all around the bay area watching this cold front as it slides on through tonight bringing at least a slight chance of showers overnight tonight by tomorrow most of that is done in the afternoon. the skies are going to part you can see some 70's t what that is back the heat summer makes a big time return on sunday cooling down late next week. >>weekend you too. thanks,
10:57 pm
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